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Based in London & Cannes, we make a point of providing a unique experience to our clients on each and every request. The purpose of today’s article is to show you how we are able to make it happen and what it really means in terms of concrete benefits for you.


  • Saving your time 

Whether you are in holidays with family and friends or need us for business purposes, we are aware that your time is precious. As a result, we both manage your imperatives and the unforeseen to let you dispose of it the way you want. You won’t also suffer from the time difference with your personal assistant abroad to manage your requests and reservations as it could be the case.


  • Getting a one and only contact for everything 

We all know that  when it comes to planning, it’s really useful to know the right contacts to make it happen. Using our lifestyle services allow you to connect with only one contact for every of your needs. Whether you need a restaurant reservation, book a car, a yacht or another service, we are the one and only number you may reach out with to satisfy your needs. The number connecting you to all the others.


  • Having real connections 

At Twice, we strive to have frequent and direct contact with all our collaborators including for hospitality reservations. This is what makes us different from our competitors : we directly speak to our dedicated contact at the venues, which enables us to workout better your last minute reservations . Moreover, this allows our members to benefit from a personnalised treatment while visiting.


  • Being specialised in Entertainment & Hospitality Reservations 

In areas like London or the French Riviera where hospitality-related demand is always high, we are always one step ahead of our competitors because we are specialised in both entertainment and hospitality reservations. When it comes to restaurants, bar, theatre but also beach clubs, nightclubs or exclusive parties, you can count on our very strong background in the hospitality and entertainment industries from our founder and management teams. As a result, we benefit from a solid reputation regarding the reservation process, in which rigour and discipline are our key words.

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