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3 luxury experiences that a concierge can fit in your busy lifestyle

We live in a world where it has become increasingly difficult to be able to enjoy life without being pressured by our responsibilities. How is it even possible to even take a break when there are just so many things to do ?

That is when concierges come in the picture. You might have imagined them as an old and wise figure, here to obey your orders when you give them, but that would underestimate their potential in expanding your possibilities. If you have considered using their services but still wonder how they could really be useful, the following examples list just some of the incredible experiences that a concierge agency can offer.

  • A private helicopter transfer

Once you’ll discover how fast and reliable this means of transport is, you’ll probably never set afoot in public transport again. A private transfer in helicopter is a great way to get you wherever you want, much faster than any car could go. Whether you are in for a little skiing trip in the French Alps followed by a dip in the Mediterranean on the shores of Corsica, the isle that lives up to its reputation of beauty further south of the French coast, a gliding experience in the sky can do that and give you plenty of time to enjoy the scenery as you go by.


  • A personal shopper to get you exactly what you want

Sometimes you just don’t have the energy or free time to get some things you might really want or need. Other times, you might have found the bag or coat of your dreams but you’ll discover that it’s a limited edition that isn’t available where you live. In both scenarios, you can trust a personal assistant devoted to getting what you want with the prior knowledge and experience of your tastes and wishes. Thanks to them, you’ll get the pleasure of having what you want, without the hassle of going through the many and time-wasting steps to acquire them.


  • A private chef for a comfortable yet sumptuous dinner

Preparing a splendid dinner is no easy task, especially when one has a busy lifestyle. On top of that, preparing the meal also includes spending time in the kitchen, separated from the guests and wasting some valuable time you could have with them. With a private chef, you can focus your time on your guests to give them the warmest welcome while ensuring the high quality of their meal as well as an impeccable service. And of course there won’t be any dishes to wash.

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